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July 2015

America's Oldest Cities

Though specific choices, dates, and occupation are often debated, there’s no arguing that the United States has several cities and towns that have been continuously inhabited for many centuries. Travel with TrailBlazer as we highlight a few.


With so many camping options in Pennsylvania, the agenda for day trips and things to see and do outside the campground abound, so we’ve highlighted some “don’t miss this” opportunities centering around the campgrounds’ locale.

Hail to the Chief

When it comes to the history and memorabilia of the United States, presidential libraries across the country are pure gold to travelers.

Mark Slattery

Kim Wuchter
Paul & Kerri Elders

Mindy Drexler


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July 2015

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By now I am sure many of you have viewed or listened to our new Thousand Trails Anthem. For those of you yearning to sing along all summer, I am sharing the lyrics to our song below. For those who have not yet seen the video or heard the song, please visit our website at I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face!

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