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Nov/Dec 2014 - Sunshine Key, Florida

Winter Differently

Whether you choose to relax with your toes in the sand or pack your days with entertainment and social gatherings (check out the Encore Events Calendar on P30), spend the seasonwith us and Winter Differently!

Snow Much Fun!

If the Eskimos can have a thousand words for snow then Thousand Trails and Encore can have a thousand words for winter fun. Embrace the season and come out and play in the snow with us!

River Cruising

Take a break from the road and hit the river! Come aboard as Trailblazer looks at some of America's most popular river cruises.

Joan DeAno Rykal

Kim Wuchter
Paul & Kerri Elders

Mindy Drexler


Two North Riverside Plaza, Ste. 800
Chicago, IL 60606

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Nov/Dec 2014

Message From the President

Marguerite Nader - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

Year-end. Two words that mean many things to a variety of people. But, to whatever aspect you apply it, it still defines the end of something, which in turn brings along an accounting of sorts, whether it is financial, personal, or professional. Goals are set and year-end means it's time to look back and see how you did.

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Membership News

Please take note of the updates Member Rules that have been posted on both the Thousand Trails and TrailBlazer web sites.

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